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ISO-Fluid tank-unit


With this 40 liter ISO-FLUID TANK you can set your system up to a pressure of 25 bar. You first have to put the liquid in the tank, after that you can use nitrogen to bring the tank at the right pressure. You can secure a splitter directly to the ISO-FLUID TANK or you can first use a big hose and connect the splitter at the stage. With the tank you can provide 4 FIRESHOT ISO-FLUID’s, 4 FIRESHOT WAVER’s or 1 FIRESHOT 5-WAY of liquid.

Size (l×W×H): 78×38×51 CM
Weight: 50 KG
Output: 25 BAR
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Additional information

Weight 50 kg


Kievitsven 78
5249 JK Rosmalen