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Pro.FX Smoke Shot


This brand-new product called the SMOKESHOT replaces the CO2 JET. The SMOKESHOT does use Pro.FX SMOKE LIQUID instead of CO2 to create the big 12 meters high white clouds. The SMOKESHOT is an extreme smoke machine with which you can shoot each time for at least 8 seconds. You don’t have to carry around with the big CO2 cylinders because the SMOKESHOT works with the SMOKE LIQUID PUMP-UNIT. The SMOKESHOT can’t be influenced by the temperature or humidity and the use of our Pro.FX LIQUID is also really cost efficient.

Size (l×W×H): 30×23,5×13,5 CM
Weight: 11,5 KG
Output: 12 M
Consumption: Pro.FX SMOKE LIQUID
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Additional information

Weight 11,5 kg


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