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Fire FX


The Pro.FX Fire Shot (Gas) is the most compact flamethrower on the market. Because of the special nozle you get very unique fireballs! The device can easily be connected to gas cylinders or gas cartidges through a quick coupling. The device is triggered by a 230 Vac connection.

Iso - Fluid

The Pro.FX Fire Shot (Iso – Fluid) is a flamethrower on liquid. Through the changeable nozle you can reach different fire heights. The flame is easy to place on stage due its compactness. Because the units are connected to an external pump it’s possible to mounts the fireshots in different position.


The Pro.FX Fire Shot (Waver) is a 180 degree movable flame system. This device also works on Iso Fluid. This makes it easy to combine with the standard Fire Shot. This unit is connected with a cable to a 19 inch 4 channel DMX converter. The system is rain resistant.

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